• Tax Compliance Services

Tax compliance services


Nowadays the steady change of the tax regulatory environment is keep getting faster and monitoring such changes poses a challenge for both individuals and companies. In order to comply with the requirements, it is indispensable to acquire an accurate and up-to-date knowledge of them and to continuously keep track of the changes.

BDO Hungary Tax Advisory Ltd. offers the following services for You:

            Providing daily support for Hungarian companies relating to all taxes (full scope):

  • providing support in preparing and submitting tax returns;
  • providing quick assistance through phone;
  • full scope representation based on authorization;
  • providing support in the determination and calculation of all kinds of tax obligations;
  • sharing information in connection with questions emerged, risk points and potential solutions in written form

VAT registration of foreign companies that are not established in Hungary:

  • overview of the Hungarian business activity;
  • requesting a VAT number;
  • preparing a summary of the Hungarian requirements that are applicable for You;
  • preparing VAT returns (based on Your analytics or the provided invoices);
  • in the case the VAT return is based on the provided invoices, we offer written information regarding the identified risks, questions and potential solutions;
  • submitting the prepared VAT returns electronically to the tax authority;
  • sending detailed payment instructions

Supporting foreign companies’ employees who work temporarily in Hungary (expats):

  • providing assistance with relevant registrations and requesting a tax identification number by taking into account the working conditions;
  • During the reporting periods, preparing personal income and contribution tax calculations based on the provided information;
  • filling in and filing the corresponding returns;
  • sending detailed payment instructions

Supporting Hungarian companies’ employees who work temporarily in foreign countries:

  • offering information regarding the local requirements with the contribution of our local BDO colleagues;
  • on demand, providing local support in proceedings in the foreign country

Our dedicated experts at BDO Hungary Tax Advisory Ltd. are looking forward to your inquiries regarding tax compliance services at the e-mail address [email protected].