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Expatriate Services


With the expansion of multinational companies, more and more employees work in multiple countries. Whether international business trips or assignments are short or long employers and expatriates are facing with cross-border taxation implications. Compliance with the domestic and foreign tax laws can be challenging and can carry significant taxation risks.

It is essential to determine the assignment related obligations carefully both in personal income tax and social security point of view to be in accordance with the legislations. Since global mobility is a complex issue and can cause several reporting, payment and filing obligations BDO’s tax specialists offer a range of expatriate tax services, including:

  • Advice on personal income tax and social security;
  • Determination of personal income tax and social security obligations;
  • Comprehensive compliance services: preparation of tax advance calculations and personal income tax returns with detailed information about the payment obligations, deadlines, payment method addressed to the liable person (employee/employer);
  • Preparation of monthly social security calculations, submission of returns;
  • Personal consultations with international employees to explain tax and social security implications of their assignments;
  • Determination of tax residency status;
  • To ensure the corresponding tax treatment of your company we offering written information about the local requirements accompanied with our local BDO offices;
  • Tax and social security registration (Hungarian tax id and social security number application);
  • Tax account monitoring, tax account statement review;
  • Representation, administration before the tax authority during tax audits and in connection with tax return filing related queries;
  • Representation and administration before the tax authority in connection with tax returns;
  • Tax equalization calculations and establishment of tax equalization policies.

Our dedicated team is pleased to assist you in case of any global mobility related questions together with the colleagues of the BDO network across 162 countries as competent partners.