• Due diligence services

Due diligence services


It is crucial for the taxpayers to have a clear picture of the tax regulations and possible tax risks in case of tax audits. Furthermore, in the event of a change in the organizational structure, it is worth to supervise and reconsider the consequences from a tax perspective. In addition, it may also be necessary to get a comprehensive view of the company’s taxation in case of acquisition/sale of business. Our dedicated tax advisory team is delighted to provide you with a wide range of advisory services:

  • establishment of testing program for due diligences according to your individual, special needs (tax types, method of the review);
  • simulation of tax audits carried out by the authorities, both in case of company re-organizations (e.g.: merger, demerger, transfer of business…etc.) and in case of pre-due diligence;
  • Determination and specification of tax risks in relation to company re-organizations, acquisitions;
  • Full support during tax audits, representation throughout the entire course of the investigation period: provision of professional remarks, assistance during the appeal process;
  • Preparation of routine checks in order to identify and reduce the historically occurred possible tax risks, and to identify beneficial tax differential and tax saving opportunities;
  • Revision of contracts, legal documentations taking taxation aspects into account;
  • Recording the identified results and information on tax differential in a report, the determination of the amount of estimated tax differential and the provision of the corresponding suggestions.

Should you have any questions regarding due diligence, our professional advisory team is delighted to assist you. Please contact us at the email address [email protected].