• International Tax

International Tax


Due to the rapid development of international trade, in order for multinational enterprises to conduct business in a more simplified and efficient way, the need for foreign tax registration and establishment have been significantly increased. Moreover, it has become a general approach for multinationals to outsource one or more parts of their business operations to foreign countries, which also entails that the company’s business structure needs to be re-organized. Thus the taxpayer probably has many complex questions in relation to being in compliance with the regulations of the relevant foreign countries.

In order to help companies managing these complexities, we offer wide range of services with the involvement of any of our colleagues within the BDO network across 162 countries:

  • tax judgment of cross-border transactions by examining the applicable tax regulations and by involving foreign BDO partner offices, if needed;
  • preparation of proposals in connection with mitigating tax risk and optimizing tax burdens especially with regards to company-restructure, internal process re-organization, establishment of a new organizational unit or a different operating model;
  • preparation of tax risk analyses in order to perform a planned international transaction efficiently;
  • review of contracts and documentations in relation to international trade in line with the respective tax regulations;
  • provision of tax expertise and advice on Hungarian and foreign investments;
  • handling tax resolution requests;
  • provision of further additional complex tax advisory services regarding special cross-border transactions.

Should you have any queries regarding international tax, our dedicated advisory team at BDO Tax Advisory Ltd is pleased to assist you. Please contact us at the email address of [email protected].