• Tax


  • Answering tax questions for all kind of taxes and duties (CIT, VAT, PIT, contributions, customs, environmental fee, energy tax, etc.)
  • Elaboration of tax schemes regarding international taxation, with the cooperation of the international background network
  • International and domestic tax structures
  • Advice on restructuring
  • Advising in the course of legal remedy procedures
  • Preparation of binding and non-binding ruling requests


  • Compliance services for all kind of taxes
  • VAT registration services
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Support in tax inspection
  • Representation with the Tax Authority
  • Supervision of tax returns


  • Preparation of TP documentation
  • Setting up the Group’s transfer pricing policy
  • Benchmark study
  • Monitoring of related parties’ network
  • Mediation between the Company and the Tax Authority
  • Advance Pricing Agreement (APA) support
  • Preparation the Country-by-country reporting and related notifications


  • Due diligence for M&A or restructuring purposes
  • Health check before tax inspection (simulation of tax audit)
  • Full scope or limited due diligences for risk evaluation
  • Advise on handling tax risks

Contact: tax@bdo.hu

Telephone: +36 1 / 235-3010, +36 1/235-3090