• Sell-side M&A

Sell-side M&A

During a sell-side M&A project we undertake to maximize the purchase price available to the owner for his or her stake in a particular company. The success of the sale and the purchase price available in the market depend to a large extent on whether the selected consultant supports the sales process with the appropriate expertise. During our work:

  • We get to know the situation of the owner; we agree on the objective and the idea of the sales.
    • Evaluate the company and estimate the purchase price realistically available in the market.
    • We make suggestions on the duration and tasks of preparing for the sale. Preparation can take longer (for example: separation of ownership and management functions, implementation of investments).
  • We make suggestions on the ownership structure in which it is expedient and efficient to conduct sales.
  • We look for potential investors.
  • We prepare investment brochures on the basis of which potential investors can make an indicative offer to the owner.
  • We coordinate the due diligence so that the selected investors can be convinced of the real situation of the company.
  • Conduct contractual negotiations with investors and serve the information needs of investors’ financiers to provide the necessary resources.
  • After concluding the contract, we follow the processes and the fulfilment of the obligations undertaken in the contract, so that the purchase price flows properly and the ownership is transferred to the new owner.

Contact: Fekete Márk [email protected], Kerekes Bence [email protected]