Whistleblower System

Employees of BDO Hungary, individuals in contractual relationships with BDO Hungary, and other stakeholders can make a report using the whistleblower system below if they observe violations of the laws, professional and ethical standards, norms, and quality control system requirements (hereinafter referred to as "Rules") related to the operation of BDO Hungary. Reports can be made by those who have a legitimate interest in making the report or in remedying the behavior that is the subject of the report. The whistleblower system can be accessed below. Information regarding the reporting procedures and the handling of personal data can be found here.


In accordance with the relevant legal requirements, we draw the attention of the reporter to the consequences of malicious reporting:

  • Malicious reporting by BDO employees may result in employment-related consequences.
  • If it becomes evident that the reporter has maliciously provided materially false information indicating the commission of a crime or an offense, their personal data must be transferred to the competent authority or person for the conduct of proceedings, or if there is a reasonable suspicion that they have caused unlawful harm or other infringements to others, their personal data must be transferred upon the request of the authority or person initiating or conducting the proceedings.
  • We inform you that your identity will be treated confidentially by BDO Hungary throughout the entire investigation.