M&A advisory

Value creation for a successful business.

M&A advisory

1st   Financial Advisor globally (Pitchbook 2022)

No two M&A transactions are the same. The definition of success varies from deal to deal based on the strategic objectives of buyers and sellers and the investor's position in the capital structure: corporate and private equity investors and creditors seek different information when managing risks and benefits. At the same time, transaction timelines are shorter than ever before, creating a new urgency to identify financial, operational, tax, regulatory and other related risks and opportunities and then transform this information into operational tasks and timely results.
Every client engagement starts with an in-depth discovery phase, during which our dedicated team of advisors will gain a thorough understanding of the proposed transaction and then tailor our services to your needs and strategic objectives. 

Buy-side transactions

  • Concise financial reporting: business overview and profit insights; sector-specific risk analysis.
  • Spotlight on value creation: Analysis of business drivers and sustainability of free cash flow; analysis of operating results; review of performance.
  • Supporting analytics: online analytics; in-depth support for conclusions and recommendations for implementing value drivers; ongoing transactional support.
Sell-side transactions
  • Quality engagement: rigorous analysis of bids to maintain seller control; identification of transaction risks; transaction support that allows you to focus on the business.
  • Complex advice: identifying problems and defining pre-sale value propositions; negotiating with financiers and potential buyers; helping to identify and implement value-adding and risk-mitigating opportunities.
  • End-to-end processes