• Shared services consulting

Shared services consulting

BDO SSC Consulting Team’s mission is to support Shared Services Centres to become highly efficient and top quality service providers, exceeding their customers’ expectations. Our Consultants have obtained hands-on experience during the last 15 years about SSC setup, managing transition and change management projects and also organisational and process re-design. We provide tailor-made solutions for the challenges that SSC Operations face and offer  outstanding expertise in Stakeholder management, Project and Migration management, Performance management and Change management.

Design and Build new Shared Services centre

Provide Blueprint for building successful SSC operation:

  • Define organizational strategy
  • Develop Implementation project plan
  • Incorporate Change framework in the setup phase
  • Define organization and develop recruitment and onboarding approach
  • Service  Framework  and Stakeholder management
  • Implementation Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Enable access to government and EU grants

Migration Project management

Save time for you by watching out for the pitfalls:

  • Introduce Migration management toolkit
  • Support stakeholder relationship management  
  • Define necessary Change management platforms
  • Define organization needs and deliver Knowledge Transfer and Workshadowing plan
  • Review and customize Risk assessment and mitigation framework
  • Enable access to government and EU grants

Transformation and improvements of the existing design and processes

We execute high level assessment interviews and deep-dive workshops and deliver:

  • Performance gaps analysis
  • Process and organizational re-design
  • Standardized and simplified processes and procedures
  • Set of meaningful and repeatable measures
  • Improved partnership between SSC and Business unit
  • Managerial strategic alignment
  • Introduce Culture Change

Contact: [email protected]

Telephone: +36 1 / 235-3010, +36 1/235-3090