• Informative data supply

Informative data supply

  • Regular provision of detailed information about the company’s accounting position
  • Preparation of reports for the client and the authorities
  • Fulfilment of the information and data supply obligations prescribed by law
  • On-line queries

The basis of our work is that we accurately book the company’s business events in accordance with the legal provisions in order to enable the business company to fulfil its tax liabilities and obtain up-to-date view of its own position.

We provide bookkeeping services for our clients who operate in the most different industrial sectors, from trading activities to real estate investments.

We prepare monthly and quarterly reports for our clients in the format and with the content requested by them. We also undertake to perform the tasks of closing in bookkeeping as required for the monthly and quarterly reports to enable our client to obtain a true view of its operations. We also help in the preparation of international reports.

We undertake full representation of our clients before any authority and we also help in filing any application with the tax authority or any other state body for obtaining their position, and in the preparation for and participation in tax authority revisions and the preparation of self-revisions. We undertake that prior to a tax authority audit we perform a complete due diligence of the transactions, decreasing thereby the risk of tax arrears findings.

It is important for us in our work to inform our partners about the current changes in the laws in order to help and provide them with practical advices in their everyday work.

In addition to compliance with the data provision obligation as prescribed by law, we pay great attention to efficient and informative communication with our clients and third parties, which has become simpler thanks to the online availability of data.

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