• Comprehensive accounting services

Comprehensive accounting services

  • Comprehensive bookkeeping
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Preparation of financial statements, assistance during audits
  • Preparation of regulations as prescribed by law
  • Special cases: Foreign currency based bookkeeping, Bookkeeping for branches, Bookkeeping during the liquidation period

The purpose and objective of our bookkeeping activity with which we support business operations is to help our clients get as clear view of the operation of their enterprise as possible.
In addition to providing reliable, precise and informative, complete bookkeeping services and setting up an efficient administrative system – which are of a high priority for our clients – , our aim is to use our up-to-date expertise for helping our clients operate as profitably as possible.

Our activities include, among others, the booking of incoming and outgoing invoices and of banking and pay-office transactions, the keeping of subledgers related to tangible assets, the keeping and reconciliation of receivables and liabilities, the issuing of outgoing invoices on the basis of our client’s authorisation, the entry of payment orders in the online banking systems, the preparation of VAT returns and other monthly, quarterly, and annual tax reports.

In the course of performing the annual closing tasks for enterprises, we compile the company’s financial statements, prepare the corporate and business tax returns, and we also actively take part in company audits, facilitating auditing and closing processes by making them quicker and more efficient.
In addition to regularly providing information about the company’s accounting position, we also help our client with tax-related issues and with information related to its basic activities.

For startup companies, we prepare the accounting regulations as prescribed by law, as well as the accounting policy, and the cash handling, evaluation, stocktaking, and scrapping regulations, and we also help our clients elaborate a transparent system of accounts.
We also provide bookkeeping services for enterprises which are subject to a special accounting procedure. Our extensive expertise covers bookkeeping for the Hungarian branches of foreign enterprises, bookkeeping  for enterprises under dissolution, and our services also include complete bookkeeping for companies having a differing business year.

Since 2010, foreign currency based bookkeeping services have gained more importance within our portfolio. The elimination of exchange risk is extremely important for our clients, in the interest of which we also undertake to perform bookkeeping in EUR and in any other foreign currency which allowed by the accountancy act.

We also undertake to adapt the foreign system of accounts according to the needs of the foreign enterprises, and we have gained experience in the establishment of multi-dimensional bookkeeping systems as well.
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