Management reporting

An acquisition of a company or a raising of capital never ends with the payment of the purchase price or the provision of the amount of the capital increase, these are at most one of the highlights of the investment. Anyone who has been involved in a similar process knows that the real work only begins after that.

It is not enough to be able to acquire, you need to “own well” businesses. We provide a controlling service to our partner owners that ensures that they have all the information they need to make informed decisions:

  • We prepare the company's business model and the long-term, strategic plan through which we update the change in goodwill from time to time. In order to identify the main value-creating factor, sensitivity tests are performed if necessary.
  • We monitor capital market events and make suggestions for the implementation of available and optimal financing structures.
  • Keeping ownership in mind, we continuously analyse, monitor the company’s performance and draw attention to it if we find that we have deviated from the designated path. Our system ensures that suggestions are made to improve efficiency.
  • We prepare appropriate quality reports and resolution preparation materials for member meetings and general meetings.