Why is it worth for private individuals opening an Ügyfélkapu (or Client Gate) account?

27 May 2019


Ügyfélkapu is an electronic platform and identification system through which safe contact with individual identification can be made with public administration bodies and institutes providing electronic public administration and services.

Official issues can be done easier, faster and without personal attendance (for instance by the National Tax and Customs Administration (NTCA), the Registration Office, the Land Registry, the National Health Insurance Fund and the Pension Insurance Fund).

How can you open an Ügyfélkapu account?

In order to use Ügyfélkapu you need to create your own personal Ügyfélkapu identification. It is allowed for all natural persons. The personal Ügyfélkapu identification can be obtained during a registration process initiated by the client personally at any registration body:

  • in Registration Offices,
  • in Government Windows,
  • at main Customer Services of NTCA,
  • in consulates,
  • in certain post offices.

Electronic registration is only available for those who possess a valid ID card issued after 1 January 2016 on the following platform:

It is important to know that eventually emerging problems regarding an already existing registration can only be solved at the Registration Offices.

After your Ügyfélkapu registration you receive an e-mail to your previously given e-mail address which includes a detailed description on forthcoming steps.

Who can open an Ügyfélkapu account?

Anybody, who possesses a valid ID card.

Ügyfélkapu can be used by foreign people as well. By EEA citizens EEA identity card or passport, by people outside the European Economic Area passport is required for registration.

Ügyfélkapu is free. Provided another Ügyfélkapu account is needed, the fee for each registration is HUF 3,000.

Ügyfélkapu is available on the website:


Which cases can be arranged on Ügyfélkapu?

Many cases are available electronically at home without personal attendance at Customer Service Centres; furthermore, personal data can also be retrieved:

  • electronic submission of personal income tax returns,
  • viewing, amendment and approval of the tax authority’s draft version of your tax return,
  • submission of any NTCA forms,
  • retrieval and tracking of the tax account,
  • submission of the tax certificate, income certificate, declaration of residence and the application for the registration of taxpayers without public debt,
  • submission of claims on paying in instalments,
  • reviewing of registration by employers,
  • information on insured periods,
  • information on patient records,
  • information on validity of personal documents,
  • initiation of summary of service time,
  • submission of college, university entrance,
  • amendment of permanent, temporary address,
  • registration by the Land Registry (claim on non-authentic, authentic and e-property deed),
  • certain services of the Registration Office, or making appointments to the Customer Service.


Why is it advantageous using Ügyfélkapu by personal income tax returns?

Based on the data provided by employers, paying agents a draft version of the tax return is made by the tax authority automatically or by request on the income earned by an individual in the tax year and the related taxes.

Individuals without an Ügyfélkapu registration could request for posting their NTCA draft in 2019 by SMS, per mail, on the phone, personally or electronically to the deadline set beforehand. Based on the request the tax authority prepared the draft version of the tax return and posted it to the concerning parties.

On the contrary, the draft version of the tax return of private individuals with an Ügyfélkapu registration was made automatically and published on the electronic platform by the tax authority. The draft version could be viewed, amended and approved by the private individuals.

Private individuals with an Ügyfélkapu registration choosing personal income tax return instead of the draft version could also upload their return within the open time period.

Further benefits of Ügyfélkapu are that official documents are often sent to taxpayers in even more processes of the tax authority and other institutes in electronic forms; therefore, among others, acknowledgements, claim evaluations arrive earlier without standing in a line and checking opening hours.

Further information can be found on the website of Ügyfélkapu:

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