The correlation between labor market and the change of seasons

15 June 2010

You can read in many articles that recruitment in slowed down by the summer but the number of competitions and offered jobs are not changing in spite of this.

This can be approached from several aspects of course, so this statement can be either true or false. According to the statistics of the job portals that we use the number of advertisements and applicants changed in the following way compared to 2009:

  • Comparing the data from the end of February and the end of June 2009 the number of advertisements was 30% lower in summer and the sites had 3% less visitors than in the middle of winter.
  • It was the absolute contrary in 2010. The statistics show a 3% rise in the number of advertisements and a 0.6% rise in the number of visitors when comparing June to February this year.

The main factors promoting this change may include the economic crisis and the increasing popularity of job portals that is the result of intense marketing policy still in practice.


As the personal consultants of the BDO Magyarország Kft. we specialized primarily for the selection of financial-auditing professionals with higher education decree/diploma. The tendency of labor recruitment changing along with the change of the seasons could be well observed in this field for several years. According to our experiences not only the recruitment processes slow down obviously during the summer but one can see a significant decrease in the number of incoming applications as well. In my opinion it is almost self-evident in the case of office employees working with a contract for indefinite time. Namely if you change in the middle of summer then as a result of the probationary period taking all the summer, you cannot go on holiday right when the children have holiday and when almost all the friends and family members spend their time lying on the beach.

The change can be observed on the part of the employers as well since the organization of a single decision-making or that of the interviews may take several weeks because of the holidays. Not only the recruitment processes slow down but the date of the beginning can also be delayed.


The very same issue can be observed in winter during the December holidays and during the time of planning at the beginning of the year.

At the same time there are certain areas where the absolute opposite market situation can be observed because of the employees enjoying their holiday. And here I mean those jobs that can easily be replaced with temporary work force (receptionist or assistant positions) and the ones that are favorably affected by the nice weather (tourism, travel industry, construction industry).


Except for a few purposeful students this was the tendency among the young graduates as well a few years ago. Nowadays it is widely known that the HR personnel of more and more companies with high reputation work to win the best students for their companies already during their studies. And for the same reason the students try to agree with their future employers still before the beginning of summer.


This issue can be approached from several aspects and as we tried to demonstrate, all the articles may hold the truth. Beside all these however we tried to provide useful information for those who are interested in recruitment in the field of finance and audition relying upon our own professional experiences.

During integration and training you have to pay attention to the times when certain colleagues or superiors are out of the office. If we think of bigger, international companies, the authorization for hiring new work force may take a longer time.

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