Payable contribution to the chamber of commerce- until 31th March

20 March 2013

All business associations  are required to initiate their recording to the registry of chamber and to support the public tasks of the chamber pay 5.000,- HUF/year contribution to the competent chamber as per the headquarter of the company

The contribution shall be paid yearly- without any prior official notification - until 31th March of each year.


The unpaid contribution is treated as a public due, in which case the central tax authority will make the necessary legal steps to collect it- similarly to taxes and other contributions.

Additionally the company’s also have an announcement obligation, if any changes occur in the recorded information, or in case of closure, the company must report it within 5 days to the chamber.

The following organizations are part of the business associations according to the Act CXXI of 1999 about economic chambers: Business Corporation, sole proprietorship, association, union, and corporation of certain legal entities, subsidiary. From the chamber contribution obligations corporations that are principally engaged in agricultural activities, farmers and the chambers of agriculture are exempted.