NAV prepares tax return drafts for a wider range of taxpayers

17 April 2018

Due to the success of the draft personal income tax return preparation program of NAV, from this year it provides similar services to taxpayers in connection with excise tax as well.

According to the new Excise Tax Act (Act LXVIII Of 2016 on Excise Tax) until the 10th day of the month following the reference month NAV sends the data and information underlying the tax return to the taxpayers for information purposes, except for data on natural gas, including coal and electrical energy, offered, sold or used as industrial or household heating fuels.

Taxpayers have five days to take corrective actions from the time of receipt of those data and information, and should send such corrections to NAV.

This provision means that NAV prepares the draft tax returns on the basis of the available data which is sent to them on a regular basis for example from tax warehouses, so as to make the administration easier for taxpayers. Based on our experiences this new tax return-draft may be very useful in a way as well that it may filter out the involuntary failures and mistakes.

In the future NAV might prepare tax return-drafts for a wider range of taxpayers, considering the fact that from this year NAV prepares tax return-drafts for VAT-subject individuals as well as small-scale agricultural producers.

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