• Organisational changes in BDO Hungary's consulting business

Organisational changes in BDO Hungary's consulting business

28 January 2021


In early 2021, the owners and the management of BDO Hungary decided to merge its Financial Advisory and Hotel and Real Estate Services, which have been operating in parallel for more than 10 years, and to create a business line that provides complex, one-stop-shop financial and real estate services in accordance with the international network strategy previously adopted by the Group. The goal of the transformation is to create synergies between the successfully operating consulting competencies to serve clients in a more efficient and complex manner.

The renewed Advisory Services will provide financial and real estate advisory, as well as hotel and tourism services, and is planning to introduce new, innovative services in the future.

The new acting managing director of Financial Advisory is Ákos Csobádi who came to BDO with nearly 2 decades of experience in the banking and finance sector and intends to place greater emphasis on developing bank financing, restructuring, company valuation, business plan reviewing, due diligence and transaction services and to leverage on the post-Covid reconstruction and financial stabilisation opportunities for the benefit of our clients. Ákos has gained outstanding experience in managing and selling large real estate portfolios, as well as in the areas of structured project financing, syndicated financing and financial restructuring at the Raiffeisen Bank Group, thus our consulting business will be strengthened by an operative manager who has first-hand knowledge of the best practices.


Managing director György Rábai, who is an RICS accredited surveyor, will remain head of Real Estate Advisory and Property Valuation, his main clients being real estate funds, real estate development companies and financial institutions. György is responsible for the valuation of office, logistics and industrial, as well as retail properties and, in cooperation with the hotel branch, for the valuation of hotels and other tourist properties. 


Managing Directors Attila Hegedűs and Richárd Németh, who were chosen by Portfolio among the 50 most influential property market personalities in 2018 and 2019, will continue to manage Hotel and Tourism Advisory. Attila and Richárd have been regular participants in domestic and international hotel industry conferences, and have set up one of Hungary's leading consulting companies offering hotel consulting, valuation, due diligence, operator’s and tenant search services, and preparation of tourism strategies. They have an extensive domestic and international network of contacts and reputation among banks, hotel chains, developers and owners. Their clients also include state-owned companies, spas and local municipalities.

The financial and real estate advisors of BDO Hungary will continue to offer their services to their clients at high professional standards.

Main contacts:

Richárd Németh, [email protected]

Attila Hegedűs, [email protected]

György Rábai, [email protected]

Ákos Csobádi, [email protected]