Company Gate registration

24 August 2017


Company Gate is actually a safe and certified hosting place that provides registered electronic delivery address in accordance with the Act.

It will therefore enable the companies to undertake their official correspondence electronically instead of the way of post in order to guarantee the verifiability and allegement of the delivery.

Companies and bodies providing e-governance services (e.g.  government bodies, local authorities, courts, public prosecutor’s offices, public utility companies) will be able to contact each other, send and receive formal letters and other consignments via Company Gate. Companies can therefore access all their official correspondence at the same place but they will have the opportunity to create different entitlements within the organisation so as to control the access of certain correspondences.



Each business entity is obligated according to the interpretative provisions of Act CCXXII of 2015.

Individual entrepreneurs are still entitled to contact electronically by the help of the Customer Port of Entry and consequently the obligation doesn’t apply them. Law firms shall also register however.


It can be arranged online or by filling a form.


Companies registered in the Business Register can use the online method via, but in this case only the representative has the right to register.


This method shall be applied in the following cases:

  • the company is not in the Business Register
  • the company is in the Business Register, but the signatory authorities must act jointly and one of them takes care of the registration on behalf of his partner as well
  • a company representative undertakes the registration
  • online registration was unsuccessful previously

It shall be taken into consideration that the hosting address given by the Company Gate shall be notified to the Registered Contact Point in accordance with the Act. The program will offer to notify the address in both registration ways if the check-box called as „Allow the notification of the hosting address to the Registered Contact Point” contains a tick.


It is practical to keep that tick, otherwise the company shall separately notify the address to its Public Register or to the Registered Contact Point. Addresses can be notified to the Registered Contact Point from November 2017.


Organisation already existed on 1st January 2017 shall notify their electronic contact availabilities, so their official contact opportunities until 30th August 2017, after the previous obligatory Company Gate registration.

However, the Act provides a temporary preparatory period until 31st December 2017, during which registration can be done without any legal consequences.


From 1st January 2018 it will be obligatory to contact with government bodies related to their electronic availabilities. In case of omittance companies can expect sanctions thereafter.


If the economic operator omits to fulfil the obligatory notification, so it doesn’t have an official accessibility (email address marked in the Business Register is inadequate!), the body providing e-governance services will carry out the electronic procedure even in the lack of the electronic accessibility and initiate a surveillance procedure and official control based on the omittance of obligations prescribed by the Act.