Changes on online invoice reporting platform

21 February 2019


At the end of January 2019, the technical specifications of the XML scheme modifications and the 1.1. interface version have been published by the Hungarian tax authority. The modifications allow the usage of some new functions, which will increase the efficiency of online reporting system.

According to the preliminary plans the 1.0 interface version can be used until the end of April 2019, thus taxpayers need to adapt these changes until this time.

Besides the 1.1 interface version, the 1.2 version XSD scheme will be soon published, which will include data quality improvements and new query possibilities, comfortable services.

The 1.3 interface version will be introduced in the third/fourth quarter of 2019, until then the taxpayers can freely decide according to which version (1.1 or 1.2) they wish to perform with the data service.

The Hungarian Tax authority requires that those taxpayers who are obliged to carry out the online reporting change the current XSD scheme to one of the updated versions. This change will definitely require further modifications and development on their sides. Additional information and news are to be found on the Hungarian Tax authority’s website (

Emese Molnár |