• Raising finance

Raising finance

Involving various bank, institutional, or possibly private loans in financing a business is a task that requires special knowledge. As an expert and consultant, we monitor the financing of many companies and maintain regular contacts with almost all financiers. We know the movements of the banking system, the trends, the current lending activity of each bank, the preferences and the conditions for successful financing needs.

In addition to the analysis of the available resources, we consider it equally important to correctly determine what type of loan or loans the company needs. We professionally prepare the financial needs of our clients, translate them into the language of the banks and ensure that the information required for the loan application is available on time.

We recommend that our clients compete with financial institutions and provide them with support. We help you negotiate, navigate the complex terms and conditions of loan agreements, and finalize contracts. If necessary, we will follow the process all the way to the borrowing and we will also participate in the regular bank contacts that follow.

Contact: Fekete Márk [email protected], Börcsök Péter [email protected]