• New tender is available for research & development - Support for innovation projects in focus areas

New tender is available for research & development - Support for innovation projects in focus areas (2023-1.1.1-MARKET_FOCUS)

01 September 2023

In this newsletter, we would like to draw attention to the latest tender call which has been published in connection with the R&D activities of companies.

The budget of the tender is HUF 35 billion, from which mainly developments aiming healthy life, green and digital transition are planned to be subsidized. E.g. pharmaceutical R&D&I, healthcare robotics, medical technology developments, sustainable waste management/food industry developments, innovation in renewable energy, smart manufacturing processes, IT network developments. 

The available subsidy is between HUF 400-800 billion, where the maximum subsidy intensity ratio depends on the R&D content of the project and the type of the aid. The non-refundable grant is basically post-financed, but advance payment can also be requested twice during the process, up to a total of 60% of the subsidy.

Within the tender scheme project costs of applied research and experimental development (personnel expenses, assets, intangible goods and material costs for the project), equipment acquisition depending on the location of the project, and activities supporting the R&D project are eligible (for example: publicity, overheads).

According to the first subroutine of the tender (HUF 15 billion budget) small and medium-sized enterprises can apply independently or in a consortium, while in the case of the second subroutine (HUF 20 billion budget) a consortium of up to three members can apply where the leader of the consortium can only be an SME. Furthermore, min. 20% of the subsidy must be requested by research and knowledge transfer organizations and if a large enterprise is the third member of the consortium, it can request a maximum of 35% of the aid.

The maximum duration of the project can be 24 months (36 months in the case of a healthy life focus area), followed by a monitoring period of at least 24 months.

Those projects are allowed to apply which have a positive expert opinion, provided by the National Research, Development, and Innovation Office. The requesting period for the expert opinion lasts from September 15, 2023. to September 19, 2023.

Beside the above-mentioned tender call, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that for several years, VIP cash subsidy for R&D projects based on individual Government’s decision has been continuously available, with the maximum intensity ratio of 25%. The grant is available for undertakings employing more than 100 people on consolidated basis, who commit to establish at least 10 new R&D jobs. The subsidy can be awarded for projects covering 1-3 years, where the amount of eligible costs (personnel related expenditures, rental fee, depreciation, contracting research, other general and operating costs) reaches at least EUR 1 million.

If the above raised your interest, please do not hesitate to contact our team on [email protected].