• BDO Hungary FDI Advisory

BDO Hungary FDI Advisory

26 April 2023

We are pleased to announce that as of April 1st, 2023, the service portfolio of BDO Hungary has expanded to include FDI consulting.

Who we are

BDO Hungary FDI Advisory Ltd. provides assistance with site selection for greenfield and brownfield investments, as well as exploring and managing available government support (cash subsidies and tax incentives) for such investments.

Our team has extensive experience in every aspect of incentives advisory and project management: we have former senior employees of the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency, leading multinational companies and international law firms in our ranks.

Our complex expertise is truly special on the market and can help investors through their whole project evaluation, decision making and implementation processes for the realization of their investment plans. 

What is FDI?

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is the category of international investment that reflects the objective of obtaining a lasting interest by an investor from one economy in another economy.

FDI may be seen as an alternative economic strategy, adopted by those enterprises that invest to establish a new plant/office, or alternatively, purchase existing assets of a foreign enterprise. These enterprises seek to complement or substitute international trade, by producing (and often selling) goods and services in countries other than where the enterprise was first established.

There are two kinds of FDI:

  • the creation of productive assets by foreigners (for example the establishment of a manufacturing plant or an BSC office),
  • the purchase of existing assets by foreigners (for example through acquisitions, mergers, takeovers).

What we do

  • Site selection: We undertake site identification and analysis to help you finding the most ideal location to settle in Hungary, advising you on cost components, labor and infrastructure availability and regulations.
  • State aid: Providing comprehensive consultancy services related to governmental and EU subsidies, including non-refundable cash grants and tax allowances both for greenfield and brownfield investments, R&D and BSC projects. 

State aid and FDI

Member states of the European Union may provide state aid to FDI projects in the form of subsidies to encourage companies to invest in the EU. The aim of state aid is to create a level playing field for businesses within the EU, to stimulate economic growth, and to encourage investment in underdeveloped regions.

State aid for FDI projects is subject to strict conditions and is only granted if the investment will contribute to the economic development of the EU and complies with the European Union and member state legislation on state subsidies.


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