Feb 09, 2022

Why BDO?

As a BDO professional, you can work in a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment to help BDO grow vigorously as we continually expand our clients and open new offices nationwide. As a member of the world's fifth largest financial advisory body, and in Hungary as the largest domestically owned audit and consulting firm, you can provide high-level and complex services in the economic advisory sector to a wide range of Hungarian and international clients.

About BDO:



The key to our success is #community, #knowledge and #achievement!



Why BDO?

  • Our individuality and personality are important to us. Despite the fact that BDO is a very stable and strong international brand, it is very decisive for us what individuals represent it.
  • A leading global organization of accounting, tax and consulting firms.
  • Despite COVID19, it produced 6.8% growth in 2021, bringing in $ 11.8 billion and employing more than 95,000 workers in 167 countries worldwide.
  • With a strong and stable brand in the market, our customers are also successful companies, so BDO 's organization is growing year by year.
  • Despite its pandemic position, BDO has increased the value of the brand, maintaining its position as the 10 most valuable and strongest service providers in the world (Brand Finance 2021).
  • Focus on Exeptional Cliente Service: Joining BDO means you provide clients with professional expertise.
  • We employ professionals who embrace knowledge and are constantly training themselves to inspire their colleagues and provide more to our clients from time to time.
  • BDO is a company that feels obligated to offer sustainability advice in each of its services.
  • We are constantly open to digitization and constant change to increase the value we represent to our customers and improve our efficiency in the marketplace.
  • Innovative service delivery is in line with customers ’growing preference for digital channels and functionality.

What is the support environment for BDO?

Every day we provide you with the opportunity for individual and professional development. Supported training, which we provide up to 100%, will help you build your career.

At BDO, not only professional knowledge comes first, but also the community. With us, you can be part of an open team and we also manage working hours flexibly, which also helps to maintain a work-life balance.

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