• Tax Advisory

Tax Advisory

We are at your disposal with tax advisory services in case it is necessary to clarify the tax judgment of a particular contract or transaction.

As part of our services, in addition to the comprehensive tax analysis of each transaction that involves tax issues, we can provide you with tailor-made suggestions, based on the information on your company’s operational expectations.

When dealing with an international transaction, we will formulate our position regarding the management of the transaction by examining the tax laws of the relevant country together with the BDO partner office.

It is worthwhile to review the ’tax law’ of the transaction before its commencement, as this process may reduce the risk of tax evasion and shall allow tax optimization. These two factors can be particularly emphasized either through a transformation, an internal process restructure, or when preparing a new organizational unit / different operating order.

Apart from the interpretation of the tax laws, their application to a practical situation, we also deal with solving technical problems such as the production of tax returns.

Our tax counseling services cover a full range of taxes, so further to the three most important areas - VAT, corporate tax, personal income tax and contributions – we provide counseling also on taxes on: specific sector (insurance companies, financial institutions, pharmaceutical-, telecommunication-, and energy sector), product fees, local taxes, customs and excise taxes.

In the event of an uncertain interpretation, we will prepare a letter of agreement for the conciliation to National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NTCA) and to the Ministry of National Economy and, if necessary, also a conditional tax assessment request.

However it is important to know, that any resolution issued by NTCA in relation to a legal interpretation is considered as a professional letter and does not have binding legal force, therefore the opinion contained in the resolution does not bind the NTCA neither in the case of a supervision.

In the context of a conditional tax assessment, the tax liability or the absence thereof is determined on specific issues. The conditional tax assessment differs most from the resolution issued by NTCA in that it is compulsory to be considered by the tax authority.

The colleagues of BDO Hungary Tax Advisory team are pleased to assist you with any relevant question. Please contact us: tax@bdo.hu.