We open the room for improvement

We open the room for improvement

Strategic turnaround consulting

The consecutive events of development, success, difficulties, inconvenience and decline are a characteristic not only of our personal life but also of companies. In both cases, the longer we stick to the familiar thoughts, solutions, people that once gave rise to our increase and success, and the less we are willing to face the deep-seated causes of our decline, the bigger the downward spiral is. The slowly decaying results of our former dynamism often create the illusion of everything being alright, and we often do not realise, do not want to realise, that we are already heading down the spiral. Getting stuck in situations is perfectly human; at the same time, however, the growing difficulties, obstacles, losses clearly show us that we are on the wrong track and radical changes are no longer options but our only chance to turn the negative tendencies back.

With the help of close and confidential cooperation, often difficult decisions can be made without delay. In addition to keeping and stabilising continuous operation, we ensure that the turn of events occur by identifying precisely the roots of organisational, operational and management problems leading to decline as well as by intensive implementation support.

Change management consulting

Fast growth, shrinking market, changes in strategy, succession, sale of business, large-scale fluctuation, labour shortage, excessive costs, decline in profitability, fading morale, increase of passive resistance, delay of executing decisions are by all means demanding challenges both separately and concurrently.  Inner resistance, conflict avoidance, subjectivity and especially professional narrow-mindedness is a challenge impossible to tackle from within even for the greatest management; therefore, recognising the reasonable organisational and procedural changes and executing them strong-willingly in time is not possible if we merely rely on internal resources. You may need our expertise in the following cases:

  • increasing efficiency and capacity for exploring operational and procedural reserves;
  • improving the capability of maintaining workforce;
  • tracking strategy change at organisational level;
  • organisational and process preparation and tracking of introduction of technological developments, enterprise resource planning (ERP);
  • changes in culture and attitude, closing the gap between the documented and the actual operation;
  • tracking increase/decrease;
  • establishing succession and company sale.

We adjust the operation of the company to the changed circumstances and to the ownership objectives based on an in-depth exploration of the relationships between the organisation and the operation by objective and credible situation assessment and also by intensive strategic implementation counselling under close partnership based on common values.

Strategy change consulting based on skill assessment

Besides managing the daily continuous activities, recognising market changes, technological changes, new trends in time and changing the business strategy and the operational functioning are practically irresolvable tasks for the organisation. Objective identification of the gap between real business skills and market necessity/opportunity as well as the creation of the internal organisational power base of the necessary changes are essential conditions for sustainable strategy change.

Our consultancy is based on skill assessment covering hidden organisational knowledge and awareness-raising implementation activating the organisation as a whole, and it also guarantees the objectivity, credibility, inner support of the direction change process, hence a fast transition without compromise to a new performance.