• Personnel Consulting

Asset management and asset development

Under asset development we offer continuous professional support for our partners, we take part in the planning and preparatory processes, in assembling the pre-opening budget and coordinating the pre-opening tasks, we support the completion of the financing model, and facilitate communication between the owner, the operator and the developer. The process supports the enhanced realisation of owners’ and/or financiers’ interest by exploring and offering cost-effective, but quality wise non-compromise solutions for our clients.

As consultants we follow up continuously not only on the development of the project, but also on the market and in case some changes need to be made, we are able to react promptly. The pre-opening tasks’ (marketing, sales, budget etc.) objective is to contribute to the successful operation of the product and the property immediately after its opening.

Our asset management services, representation, supervision includes the following:

  • Increasing revenue through improving sales and marketing
  • Taking prompt decisions and developing new sales tactics based on accurate market trends
  • Improving the efficiency of the operation – cost optimisation plans and measures
  • Financial arrangements aimed to improve profitability
  • Immediate solutions in staff and management related matters
  • Tactical and strategic decisions, review, due diligence, suggestions on restructuring, work-out strategies
  • Bank’s representation
  • Interim and long-term operating solutions
  • Portfolio optimisation  

Our above listed services are supported and complemented by BDO Hungary’s audit, tax and financial advisory services, and the company’s vast experience in corporate finance, allowing us to offer complex - professional and financial– solutions for owners, hotel companies, developers and financial institutions.

The resources and knowledge stemming from BDO’s global network guarantee that the latest regional and market information is at our disposal at all times. Our personalised solutions for international and domestic projects are based on the accurate knowledge of the local environment, and our international experience. BDO Hungary offers sector-specific, tailored solutions based on the resources of the BDO network, present in over 110 countries with more than a 1,100 offices. These methods support the efforts of companies and financial institutions operating in the hotel and tourism sector in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS aimed at improving profitability and real estate values.

Should you be interested in our tourism and hotel industry related services, please contact us at the following email address: turizmus@bdo.hu.